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25+ Free Restaurant Menu Templates & PSD Mockups

A restaurant’s menu holds a lot of responsibility. A good one will ignite hunger cravings and give customers a rundown of what to expect. So make the design count!

Now you can create enticing restaurant scenes with high-quality menu mockups. Great for websites, profile banners, and more, these visuals help designers and restaurateurs make compelling imagery fast.

Menu Envato ElementsMenu Envato Elements Menu Envato ElementsThis restaurant menu template will leave an impression only rivaled by your food.

Get a head start on your next project with these wonderful resources. Hand-picked from several free template sites around the web, this collection is packed with bonus goodies.

Discover inspiring designs made from high-quality textures and assets.

Premium Menu Mockup Templates

Don’t forget to check out these amazing premium assets from Envato Market and Envato Elements. Created by a community of creative designers, these templates are easy to edit and incredibly versatile.

Fast Food Menu Mockup Pack (PSD)

Add beautiful filters to your menu layout. This awesome food menu pack includes beautiful, high-quality mockups with grouped and labeled layers. Explore different layers to create the arrangement and color scheme you want. Make this clipboard menu mockup your own.


Food & Drink Menu Mockup Set (JPG, PSD)

Get three exciting views of your new menu with this mockup set. This download includes a minimal menu mockup PSD with versatile menu templates with photo-realistic effects. Edit each scene by selecting one of the smart objects and experimenting with different results. Try this restaurant menu PSD out!


Food Menu Mockups (PSD)

There is an artistry to food photography. But you don’t have to be an expert to get started with this art form. Check out this series of food menu PSD mockups based on actual photos. This download includes three Photoshop files perfect for creatives at any level!


Burger Restaurant Mockup (PSD)

Land new clients or customers with this delicious burger mockup! This menu template features a vintage-inspired vibe with fantastic food items. It’s also displayed against a rustic, wooden background. It’s a full promotion table mockup. Enjoy several amazing perspectives to choose from. Add this burger mockup to your collection!


Kitchen Scene Generator (PSD)

Decorate your table with stunning spices and herbs. This helpful kitchen generator creates a high-quality scene with over 675 items. You can create the restaurant mockup that inspires you. Drag and drop each item to make the layout better. Then add your menu to one of the easy smart objects to complete your design. Try it out!

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Coffee Branding Mockup (PSD)

Brand your coffee shop with a stunning header. This brilliant restaurant mockup features delightful coffee and baked goods set against a bright background. Edit the background to fit your style or change the overall selection with ease. Add your menu in minutes!


Burger Store Mockup Creator (PSD)

Showcase your restaurant or bar with a stylish header like this one. This burger store mockup creator is just what you need for fast results! Choose from nine Photoshop scenes that are ready to edit with simple smart objects. From A5 menu boards to beer, turn the scene into the burger mockup of your choosing. Suitable for users of Photoshop CS4 and above.


Restaurant Food Mockup (PSD)

Customize this stationery mockup with your menu and business cards! This set offers ten Photoshop files with varying backgrounds and different perspectives. Make any presentation look perfect with this premium menu PSD and mockup set. Try it out!


Coffee Cafe Branding Identity Mockup (PSD)

Multipurpose and fully customizable, this branding identity template is packed with 28 mockup items! Coffee cups, A5 menu boards, paper bags, and more are all included. Adjust the lighting scenarios to fit your needs, and remove or add any item you want. Get photo-realistic menu results that are great for any project.


Restaurant & Bar Stationery Branding Mockup (PSD)

Freshen up your restaurant’s website with a new branding mockup. This professional template features six well-organized files made for US and international page sizes. All the objects and shadows have been separated so you’ll be able to customize it fast. Add it today!


25 Best Free Menu Mockup Templates

Now for the free resources!

Boost your customer base with enticing images. Enjoy this selection of high-quality assets that are 100% free! Great for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter too!

Sidewalk Restaurant Signboard Sample

Make a nice menu mockup with this template. This restaurant menu PSD looks like a giant clipboard to allow you to bring poster quality to the outdoors. Easily edit the file to personalize the digital menu mockup with your business’s food and drink items. Not bad for a clipboard menu mockup that’s free.

Sidewalk Signboard MenuSidewalk Signboard MenuSidewalk Signboard Menu

Show off the clean elements of your menu design with this free template. This download includes a PSD file of a restaurant table mockup. It’s nice and minimal, allowing your audience to focus on your menu and what you have to offer. Try out this menu mockup template that’s free!

Free Restaurant Table MockupFree Restaurant Table MockupFree Restaurant Table Mockup

Signboard Chalkboard Mockups

Make an impressive chalkboard sign with this simple and easy template! This menu mockup free download includes four different types of chalkboards you can customize to fit your needs. Add your official drink list, snack menu, or sandwich list using the editable smart object. It’s a nice template for a restaurant signboard sample!


Free Restaurant Stationery Mockup

Create a clear presentation of your restaurant with this stationery mockup. All the smart objects included are movable and fully editable to save you more time and energy. Just place your design and save the smart object to watch it transform. Explore the amazing options!


Present your delicious food on a tri-folded menu with this template! This clever design features a photo-realistic result on a vibrant background that’s great for restaurants and cafes. Update it with your menu items and prices to see it in action. Check it out!

Yellow Trifold MenuYellow Trifold MenuYellow Trifold Menu

Yellow Restaurant Signboard Sample

There’s nothing like a classic sandwich board sign to display your tasty menu. This incredible template features a bright yellow background that keeps the look simple and modern. Easily make it the star of your website or use it for more promotional purposes. Try it now!

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Simple Sandwich Board MenuSimple Sandwich Board MenuSimple Sandwich Board Menu

Match the sophisticated style of your bistro restaurant with this menu card mockup. This nice template features editable smart objects you can update in seconds! The structured layers mean you can let your creativity loose while using this restaurant menu mockup PSD that’s free.

1 free food menu psd mockup in 4k1 free food menu psd mockup in 4k1 free food menu psd mockup in 4k

Restaurant Menu Mockup

This next great design displays your menu as a tall vertical sign. Just download the free Photoshop menu template file to swap out the preview images for your own. Keep in mind the design is pretty tall, so you’ll have to adjust the menu dimensions accordingly. Check it out!


Restaurant Menu Mockup

This elegant menu mockup is another great way to display your products. It features a simple blank background with a quick clipboard object you can easily change. Edit the free menu PSD mockup file with its smart object layer. Adjust the colors or add more photo effects using Photoshop’s adjustment layers.

Minimal Clipboard MenuMinimal Clipboard MenuMinimal Clipboard Menu

Fresh Menu Mockup PSD

Check out this interesting composition. Featuring fresh food elements, this template is best suited for vegetarian, organic, and vegan food restaurants. Improve your ads with stunning graphics found in this menu mockup template that’s free.

1 free restaurant menu psd mockup in 4k1 free restaurant menu psd mockup in 4k1 free restaurant menu psd mockup in 4k

Clip Board Mockup

Making impressive visuals for your content just got a whole lot easier. This free Photoshop menu template features a fun design with a clipboard menu and a plate of fruit to complete the minimal look. It’s set against a light background so your design will definitely stand out. Download it today!

Clipboard Menu With FruitClipboard Menu With FruitClipboard Menu With Fruit

Restaurant Menu Mockup

In this brilliant mockup, a model holds your restaurant menu as she peruses each detail. Add your design to this setup with editable smart objects in Adobe Photoshop. This free PSD menu mockup also contains high-quality textures and incredible details. You’ll definitely want this one!


Restaurant Bar Table Menu

What are your drink specials for Friday nights? Present your specialties in a creative way with this bar or restaurant table mockup. This menu template features a simple restaurant scene against a blurred bokeh background. Just switch out the words for your best items.

Menu Table StandMenu Table StandMenu Table Stand

Red Restaurant Menu PSD

Want to display your fine dining menu in a new way? Try this straightforward classy menu mockup. This free PSD menu mockup features neat silverware next to a simple and sleek food menu you can easily adjust. Display nutritional information, wine selections, and more on your menu.

Classy Red MenuClassy Red MenuClassy Red Menu

Promotion Table Mockup

Generate a savory food composition with this menu table template. It’s a perfect promotion table mockup for a Mexican food restaurant. Edit the included menu to match your business, and this food mockup PSD that’s free becomes all yours!

Menu On Food TableMenu On Food TableMenu On Food Table

This detailed mockup features a menu placed on a textured, wooden table. It’s a menu mockup template that’s free and easy to use. Adjust the size to fit your needs, or lower the resolution to save on file size. Download it now!

Detailed Food MenuDetailed Food MenuDetailed Food Menu

Restaurant Menu Frame on Table Mockup

Create a table-top menu for your restaurant or cafe! This free Photoshop menu template features a sleek white frame against a blurred bokeh background. Use it for just about any marketing project, from promotional materials to website banners and more.


Fast Food Table Tent

Showcase your best-sellers on your restaurant’s tables, like in this amazing template. This table tent mockup is perfect for a fast food restaurant or diner. You can also put the latest special menu items, deals, and more on this food mockup PSD that’s free!

1 free plastic table tent mockup psd1 free plastic table tent mockup psd1 free plastic table tent mockup psd

Marble isn’t going out of style any time soon. This menu mockup features a gorgeous wooden serving board set against a minimal, marble background. The menu card propped up by a classy plant ties the template together. Give this menu mockup a try!

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Landscape Menu CardLandscape Menu CardLandscape Menu Card

Foldable Menu Mockup

Add any menu to this menu mockup that’s free in a few easy steps! This Photoshop file includes a high-resolution template with adjustable layers. It’s a great option to showcase your foldable menu on a restaurant table.

Brochure Style Menu MockupBrochure Style Menu MockupBrochure Style Menu Mockup

Restaurant Wall Mockup

Minimal mockup templates like this are also a must-have for creatives. This free PSD menu mockup features a modern scene that showcases the restaurant wall mockup. Just add your menu design to see it applied to the template below. Make sure you check out this menu PSD!

Restaurant Wall MenuRestaurant Wall MenuRestaurant Wall Menu

Cool Food Menu Flyer Mockup

Does your menu need some extra pop? Perhaps you need a mockup with a little more substance. Try this clean and cool flyer mockup created with photo-realistic textures. Just drag and drop your content into the editable layers to see it transform.

Food Menu FlyerFood Menu FlyerFood Menu Flyer

Clip Board Mockup

There’s no better way to sell food than with great imagery. This clipboard menu mockup has just that, with a stunning, high-quality image that stands out from other A5 menu boards. The minimal look is complemented well by the texture of the wood grain. It’s only outshone by what you plan on adding to the template. What will you include on the menu?

Clipboard Menu MinimalClipboard Menu MinimalClipboard Menu Minimal

Restaurant Menu Mockups: Using a Mockup Generator

Creating a menu mockup is easier and more fun than you think with Placeit. Design everything from a clipboard menu mockup to animated logos in seconds. The Placeit online platform is easy to use, and you don’t need to purchase any software to access it!

Young Woman Reading Restaurant Menu While Sitting Down

Here’s a great mockup template that works well with most restaurants. You can quickly place a menu into this cozy and modern scene. Use the editor to add text to draw attention to your restaurant and its welcoming decor.

Woman Reading MenuWoman Reading MenuWoman Reading Menu

Young Woman Holding a Menu at a Restaurant

This is a nice over-the-shoulder shot that frames the restaurant menu mockup well. Thanks to its sparse background, the focus of this template is put squarely on the menu. Upload your image and tweak the template to fit your needs.

Woman Reads Vertical MenuWoman Reads Vertical MenuWoman Reads Vertical Menu

Vertical Restaurant Menu Mockup

Coffee shops and small restaurants tend to have vertical two-sided menus like the one featured below. The image of looking over the menu while out for coffee with a friend is instantly relatable to your audience. Use this restaurant menu mockup for a natural look in your business’s marketing.

Reading Vertical MenuReading Vertical MenuReading Vertical Menu

Booklet Menu Standing on a Small Dining Restaurant Table

This restaurant table mockup lets your menu stand out on its own. The table setting is minimal, and the sunlight coming through the blinds helps the scene make an impression. There is plenty of space to add a graphic of your choice, which you can do with the Placeit editor.

Menu On TableMenu On TableMenu On Table

Restaurant Menu Mockup Through the Window

To wrap up this section, we have a nice restaurant menu mockup. The full shot gives a unique perspective on looking at a menu through a window, while the restaurant in the background completes the scene. After seeing your menu on this template, anyone would want to walk through your doors.

Menu Through WindowMenu Through WindowMenu Through Window


Make your audience’s mouth water with exciting menu mockups! Try out these free resources, and let us know your favorites in the comments!

If you want to learn how to make your own restaurant menus from scratch, try our free course on restaurant menu design.


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This has been a collection of resources perfect for the avid creative. For more options, check out Envato Market and Envato Elements or enlist the help of the amazing designers over on Envato Studio. Good luck!